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Are you in the market for a vacuum sealer? 

The Weston Harvest Guard is an excellent choice for your home or restaurant.

Weston Harvest Guard vacuum sealer reviews can help you decide if this is the vacuum sealing unit for you.

Let’s see how the Weston Harvest Guard can help you preserve your food long-term.

Weston Harvest guard vacuum sealer reviews

If you’re looking for an excellent compact vacuum sealer, the Weston Harvest Guard is a great choice.

View the Weston 65-1001-W Harvest Guard Vacuum Sealer at Amazon for more information on how this product might work for you.

This high-quality product can help you preserve all of your favorite fruits and vegetables. 

With such a great machine to seal in freshness, you can enjoy your favorite foods as fresh as the day you stored them, even if you decide to eat them days or weeks later.

How does the Weston Harvest Guard vacuum sealer work?

The Weston Harvest Guard sealer uses a strong 110 watt motor to thoroughly remove all of the air from your vacuum sealed bags.

This single piston vacuum pump seals in freshness. 

Versatile, this unit can run in either standard or extended mode, depending on the type of food and bags that you want to seal.

Extra features

If you want to store delicate food, that’s no problem for the Weston Harvest Guard.

Weston knows that not all food is structurally strong enough to withstand the strong suction used by standard vacuum sealers.

So, Weston included a special feature made just for such occasions. If you want to vacuum seal delicate items, you can easily adjust the mode to relieve the pressure.

This handy feature makes it easy for you to select the right amount of pressure for all of your foods.

The Weston Harvest Guard is great for beginners and food storage experts alike.

The lid mounted seal bar makes this tool virtually foolproof by preventing overheating. 

With this feature in place, you can get the perfect seal every time. 

You won’t have to worry about melting the bags and making a mess!

But, Weston isn’t finished yet. They recognize that you have many different needs when storing food long-term.

Meat is one of the most popular vacuum sealed foods. While you’re planning ahead, why not take it a step further by including a marinade with your meat?

With the Harvest Guard, this is very easy to do.

Thanks to the accessory port that fits vacuum marinating canisters, you can flavor and tenderize your meat in advance with your favorite marinade. (Keep in mind that the canisters are sold separately.)

It’s incredibly nice to have this option. 

The accessory port is just one way that Weston helps you take your food storage system to the next level. 

Weston always goes above and beyond to serve their customers.

Compact and strong food storage system

The Weston Harvest Guard is a great unit for all of your small food storage needs. 

Designed to fit on your counter top or available kitchen storage space, this compact unit can be stored anywhere you have room.

The Harvest Guard gives you an impressive amount of suction for its small size, pulling a hefty 22.5” HG.

It’s a great tool if you want to store small portions of food. The Harvest Guard is ideal for storing food in quart sized bags, which are included with the machine.

However, you can also run it in extended mode to use larger bags up to 11” wide. 

When you’re finished, the extended component folds back into the overall package for a compact finish.

So, you gain extra functionality without losing any storage space.

Weighing in at a low 3.6 lbs, this vacuum sealer is much lighter than a sack of potatoes. It’s very manageable to carry and is quite easy to use.

Requiring very little muscle from you, the Harvest Guard does all of the work for you.

A lot of people shy away from vacuum sealers because they often demand a lot of counter or storage space, but this simply isn’t the case with the Weston Harvest Guard.

With dimensions only 4” H x 15.25” W x 6.25” D, you can see that it really does not take up much space at all. 

You can easily store this unit in your kitchen. Chances are that it is much smaller than many of your current kitchen tools.

Why should you choose the Weston Harvest Guard?

If you want to get into vacuum sealing but aren’t sure where to begin, the Weston Harvest Guard is a great starting unit.

It works well for small food storage bags and is great if you simply want to preserve a few bags every week or so. 

This unit fits very well on your countertop. With a compact design, it’s very easy to store.

The Harvest Guard is also user friendly, complete with soft buttons and an automatic seal feature.

Overall, the Weston Harvest Guard is a small but powerful unit that will serve you well in your home kitchen. 

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