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Long-term food storage is a fast-growing trend. 

The ability to store food for weeks, months, or even years gives you additional flexibility and can help you save money in the long run.

Plus, you never know when you may need to be prepared to feed your family without going to the store every week. 

Long-term food storage offers security, variety in your meals, and cost savings.

However, to be successful storing food, you need the right tools.

The VacMaster VP 120 is an excellent machine that’s easy for anyone to use. 

It fits well in your kitchen, and it works very well. 

Reading a Vacmaster VP 120 review can help you learn if this is the right product for you. 

We hope that our discussion gives you a good idea of how the Vacmaster VP 120 can work for your home and family.

VacMaster VP 120 review: An option for you?

You can view the VacMaster VP120 Chamber Vacuum Sealer at Amazon for more information on how this product works and whether or not it might work for you.

The Vacmaster VP 120, a chamber style vacuum sealer designed for home use, caters to inexperienced long-term food storers and veteran stockpilers alike.

This product helps lighten the load on your refrigerator and reduces pressure on you to cook and eat certain foods before they expire.

With a tool like the Vacmaster VP 120, you can store food for up to five times longer than if you stored it in the freezer using traditional means.

The VP 120 prevents freezer burn and keeps your foods fresh for long-term storage.

How does the Vacmaster VP 120 work?

Operating the Vacmaster VP 120 is very simple. 

As we discussed, the Vacmaster VP 120 is a chamber vacuum sealer.

First, fill the vacuum bag with food, leaving a slight space at the top. 

This part of the process is identical for chamber and standard vacuum sealers.

Next, place the filled bag into the vacuum sealer and close the lid using the automatic button.

This means that the bag is entirely encased within the machine. 

When the vacuum sealer removes pressure, the pressure of the bag and the chamber lowers at the same time.

This allows you to store liquid items and foods that would squish out of the bag if you tried to seal them with a standard vacuum sealer.

Once all of the air is removed from the vacuum chamber, the bag is sealed, and the process is complete.

After this point, you are ready to label and store your food.

Low maintenance, high performance

This vacuum sealing unit offers minimal maintenance and ease of use.

It’s built to be used regularly and is extremely easy for virtually anyone to use at home. 

You will not need any special equipment to run the VP 120, and you’ll love how fast you can get the unit up and running.

With automated programming options and a fully automatic push-button lid, sealing with the Vacmaster is a very easy process.

This unit is accessible for everyone, regardless of your experience with vacuum sealing.

Complete with a maintenance-free vacuum pump, you won’t have to worry about constant maintenance. 

You will not even have to think about oiling the pump, which is a common concern when you use other vacuum sealing units.

Instead, you’ll be able to simply save your food and then store the unit for next time!

The Vacmaster VP 120 uses standard bags up to the size of 11.5″W x 13″L. 

You can view the VacMaster 40722 3-Mil Vacuum Chamber Pouches, 8-Inch by 10-Inch, 500 per Box at Amazon to learn more about how this product might work for you.

If you want to store smaller quantities of food, you can easily use smaller bags to accommodate these needs, as well.

What types of food can you store with the Vacmaster VP 120?

The VP 102 is a chamber style vacuum sealer, which offers you a wider range of food storage capabilities.

Unlike traditional vacuum sealers, chamber units can easily store soup and liquid goods in addition to more substantial, rigid foods like meats.

If you try to store liquid-rich foods with standard vacuum sealers, you’ll find yourself in a huge mess. 

They simply are not capable of storing liquid food.

However, with the VP 120, you’ll be able to store your favorite soups in addition to more solid food.

This is a very important quality if you’re not sure exactly how you will use your vacuum sealer in the future.

A chamber vacuum sealer is much more versatile than a standard vacuum sealer. 

To give yourself a wide array of options, choose a chamber vacuum sealer like the Vacmaster VP 120.

Convenient and easy storage

The Vacmaster VP 120 easily fits on any countertop or in your kitchen cabinet for simple storage.

Vacmaster knows that you have limited storage space, and they want to give you the maximum capability for the minimal storage area.

With a convenient design, this unit will fit very well in your home, restaurant or commercial kitchen.

The VP 120 keeps a low profile and is very lightweight.

It stretches slightly further than 11.75” x 11.5” x 4” just to give you a general idea of the size of the unit.

Why choose the VacMaster VP 120?

This is a supreme vacuum sealing unit ideal for many uses. 

It’s one of the easiest to use products on the market and comes highly rated by consumers.

With a host of thoughtful accessibility features, the VacMaster VP 120 is an excellent tool for all of your food storage needs.

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