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Having the capability to vacuum seal can be useful in many applications. 

From keeping delicate trinkets like silver jewelry or last season’s sweaters preserved until time to wear them again, to packaging single servings of all your weeknight dinners for a month, there is certainly more to vacuum sealing than just sous vide cooking (though we will talk a lot about sous vide cooking in this article). 

This variety of applications is underscored by the wide variety of vacuum sealers available on the market.

Chamber vacuum sealers are just one of the many iterations of vacuum sealer available, and these come under dozens of different brand names.

In this article, we will discuss the Vac Vida vs Vacmaster chamber vacuum sealers to give you a little insight into the wide world of vacuum seal machines. 


The VAC-VIDA VS301 Chamber Vacuum Sealer | Constructed With A Sleek Black Stainless Steel Outside | Modern Control Panel | Extra Powerful Oil Pump | Perfect For Serious Home User Or Restaurant (view at Amazon) is the only chamber vacuum sealer manufactured by SoVida. 

SoVida claims to be “the original sous vide accessory company” and specializes in just that. Starting with their sous vide container sleeve, SoVida has been developing sous vide cooking companions since 2018. 

Some of their specially designed sous vide products include sous vide pot insulation covers, sous vide bag weights, cooler boxes, and (of course) the vac vida VS301 vacuum chamber sealer. 

Because SoVida is a company dedicated to sous vide, you can expect the vac vida to check all of the boxes that make a vacuum sealer the perfect accompaniment to sous vide cooking. 

When considering what traditional vacuum sealers lacked in relation to cooking sous vide with ease, SoVida came up with a few primary concerns.

Those three main concerns in mind when developing their chamber vacuum sealer were aesthetics, reliability, and customer service. 

As far as aesthetics are concerned, the vac vida has a sleek black exterior that SoVida insists is objectively more attractive than other chamber vacuum sealer exteriors on the market. 

The entire machine stands 20 inches tall, 14 inches long, 15 inches wide, and weighs just over 77 pounds; the machine’s chamber is 10 inches wide and 13 inches long. 

Though the Vac Vida is a bit of a burly device, the interface of the machine is designed to be simple to use, and easy to look at. 

SoVida achieves this by outfitting the control panel of this machine in the same sleek black as the rest of the chamber sealer and equipping it with 8 comprehensive controls and a vacuum power gauge. 

With regard to reliability, SoVida spent over a year creating the Vac Vida vacuum sealer.

Within that year, the machine was put through a variety of different stress tests to ensure the durability of its one quarter horsepower oil pump. 

This oil pump is so strong it can effortlessly crush cans if you put them in the chamber. 

Because the Vac Vida VS301 has an oil pump, it will need to be regularly maintained; however, oil pump chamber vacuum sealers are ideal for the sous vide aficionado as this type of pump can allow continuous use in one sitting without needing a cool down period. 

SoVida’s third concern, customer service, is tended to by their reliable, easily accessible customer support and their comprehensive website. 

You can find detailed information about SoVida’s products, sign up for their monthly newsletter, and peruse a company curated blog related to all things sous vide on 

The Vac Vida also comes with a one year risk free warranty. 


Where SoVida is focused primarily on sous vide accessories, the company VacMaster caters their products to all things vacuum sealing. 

VacMaster as a company was first established in Kansas City by a group of professionals in the meat processing industry who recognized a need for a reliable line of vacuum sealers that could effortlessly fluctuate between commercial and home use. 

VacMaster has been in business for over 20 years and produced their first immersion circulator for sous vide cooking 10 years ago. 

As a result, both SoVida and VacMaster produce a line of products that go hand in hand with sous vide cooking, however the products came about in opposite order. 

The VacMaster VP210 Chamber Vacuum Sealer (view at Amazon) is the epitome of VacMaster’s bid to consolidate commercial and home usage.

This chamber vacuum sealer can effortlessly be used by professional chefs in smaller sized restaurant kitchens and by serious sous vide home cooks and recreational hunters alike. 

The VP210 chamber vacuum sealer is 24 inches long, 19 inches wide, 19 inches tall, and weighs 83 pounds (that’s 6 pounds more than the Vac Vida). 

The chamber of the VP210 is 11.25 inches wide, 15.25 inches long, and 5 inches deep. 

The machine has a stainless steel finish with a black interface.

The control panel has a blue background and consists of seal time buttons, a digital time display, a pressure indicator, a seal button, and a start button.  

The heavy duty transparent lid locks in place and is easy to clean in case of accidental explosions in the chamber. 

The seal bar is ten inches long and provides a double seal sure to keep things nice and air tight for as long as possible. 

The inside of the VacMaster is just as sturdy as the outside. With a maintenance free two cylinder dry piston pump this chamber vacuum sealer is built to last. 

In the event that you do require maintenance or replacement parts for your VacMaster VP210, the company provides affordable replacement parts for sale on their company site so you do not have to fumble around with trying to choose the right replacement piece for your machine. 

The VacMaster VP210 chamber vacuum sealer comes with a set of assorted chamber pouches, filler plates, and a comprehensive user’s manual. 

The Fresh Bites Blog on VacMaster’s website is a free and useful resource for your VP210 as well. This company blog features suggested recipes, sous vide tips, and vacuum sealing 

The VacMaster Help Center is also available to consumers to assist them with product support and answer any questions you may have about compatible accessories or technical issues with your VP210. 

The VacMaster VP210 comes with a one year limited manufacturer’s warranty. 

Vac Vida vs. VacMaster: Which is right for you?

When it boils down to Vac Vida vs. VacMaster, both chamber vacuum sealers provide standard, reliable qualities associated with effective chamber vacuum sealers. 

In comparison to using a suction sealer, chamber vacuum sealers are great at sealing liquids or moist foods, use cheaper bags, and can be used in a more “non stop” fashion. 

As far as which chamber vacuum sealer is right for you, you will need to consider the frequency at which you will be using it, the space your vacuum sealer is going to stay in, and the amount of time you are willing to devote to maintenance and upkeep of your chamber vacuum sealer. 

Where the Vac Vida VS301 and the VacMaster VP210 differ the most is in their pump style.

The Vac Vida chamber vacuum sealer is operated by way of a quarter horse power oiled pump, and the VacMaster makes use of a two cylinder dry piston pump. 

The two major differences between an oil pump and a dry pump are the frequency at which you can vacuum seal things back to back and the amount of upkeep you have to devote to keeping the machine running smoothly. 

An oil pump requires regular maintenance to function properly, however it does require any cool down time between vacuum seal jobs.

Because of this, the Vac Vida VS301 may be ideal for folks who want to vacuum seal a lot of product back to back in a timely fashion. 

The VacMaster VP210’s dry piston pump does need a cool down period between projects, but it does not need any type of regular maintenance to its pump for it to last a long time and run smoothly. 

For this reason, the VP210 is going to be better geared towards people who are less inclined to devote a lot of energy into caring for their chamber vacuum sealer and do not have a lot of product to seal at one time. 

Nevertheless, the VacMaster is a larger machine over all, and as a result is going to be capable of fitting larger bags in its chamber, but will also take up more counter space than the Vac Vida. 

This larger sized design may be a potentially unideal factor to note for home cooks or recreational hunters or crafters who are not keen to take up a lot of counter space in a room with limited surfaces.  

Beyond the functionality of the two machines, it is important to mention that the Vac Vida does not come with pouches and does not have a double heat sealing bar like the VacMaster. 

This means that if you are wanting a machine that comes ready to put to use immediately, you may want to opt for the VacMaster. 

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