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Sous vide cooking has become pretty popular over the past few years. Once a practice that was reserved for restaurant kitchens, this method of slow cooking has found its way into the kitchens of home chefs. 

Sous vide translates from the french to mean “under vacuum” and is a process of cooking foods that centers around the idea of placing your food in an airtight package and submerging it in a bath of circulating water at a consistent temperature. 

Though there are a few different elements that determine the quality of sous vide cooked food, perhaps none of them are as important as a good seal on the packaging holding your food; without an airtight seal, your seasonings might seep out of your salmon or water might soil your slowly simmering sweet potatoes. 

In this article, we will focus on the vacuum sealers that help create the airtight packaging that make sous vide cooking possible and give you our list of sous vide vacuum sealer reviews that will allow you to create restaurant quality food without ever leaving your home. 

Types of sealing for Sous Vide cooking

It is important to mention that you do not absolutely have to use a vacuum sealer to properly encase your food when you are preparing to cook sous vide; however, it is also important to note that the most effective option for sealing your food for sous vide cooking will be using a reliable vacuum sealer and accompanying vacuum seal safe bags. 

All you really need to do to “technically” sous vide something is invest in some heat safe ziploc bags, however, if you want the cooking process to go as smoothly as possible (and your food to taste as good as possible) you will want to invest in a vacuum sealer. 

Vacuum sealing does two very important things for sous vide cooking, it removes all of the air from the pouch the food is in, and it provides a sealed off space for your food to remain before and after cooking. 

When using sous vide safe plastic bags (like ziploc bags) it is possible to remove some of the air before cooking, however you are almost certainly not going to be capable of removing it all. 

For certain sous vide applications (like cooking marinated vegetables) this may prevent your dish from coming out how you intended it to. 

The presence of air around your food when sous vide cooking (even a small amount in some cases) can prevent your food from staying submerged under the vacuum of the water.

If your food cannot stay where it needs to be, this may interfere with how long it takes to cook your food, and how evenly done your food is when you finish cooking.  

Even if your food manages to stay submerged, air in the pouch may still contribute to longer cook times because the air in the bag needs to heat up before the food can get to temperature.

Air takes longer to heat than water, therefore you are adding an extra barrier between the heat of the water and the food you want to cook. 

Beyond the reliable cook times as a result of effective air removal, vacuum seal bags are also ideal keeping your food securely isolated in the sous vide bath and in storage

Vacuum seal bags are often made with very durable materials that can help prevent things like the bones in a leg of lamb from poking through the barrier while cooking or while being handled to and from storage. 

Vacuum seal bags are also fantastic for allowing you to safely preserve foods before you are ready to cook them and after you have finished cooking. 

With a quality vacuum sealer, a set of sturdy vacuum seal bags, and a reliable immersion circulator, you can easily make evenly portioned meals for your entire week and simply place them in the freezer to store. 

Heating up dinner is as easy as popping your vacuum seal bag in the microwave, or bringing it up to temp with an immersion circulator. 

Sous Vide Vacuum Sealer Reviews

There are a number of vacuum sealers that may work well for sous vide cooking. The following products may help to get your search started.

Anova Culinary ANVS01-US00 Anova Precision Vacuum Sealer, Includes 10 Precut Bags, For Sous Vide and Food Storage

Anova is a company that specializes in manufacturing a line of excellently rated sous vide precision cookers and accessories to compliment those cookers. 

As a result, the Anova ANVS01-US00 precision vacuum sealer is specifically designed with sous vide cooking in mind. 

Designed in San Francisco, California, this vacuum sealer is a simple yet effective machine designed to perfectly complement Anova’s line of immersion circulators, as well as other brands of sous vide precision cookers. 

The ANVS01-US00 is conveniently petite at 16.73 inches long, 4.8 inches wide, 3.14 inches tall, and weighing only 2.31 pounds.

This sleek little rectangle will most certainly not be an eyesore sitting on your counter, but can conveniently squeeze into tight storage spaces as well. 

The top of the machine has an easy to use, no frill three button interface consisting of vacuum & seal, seal, and pulse vacuum options. 

10 pre-cut Anova vacuum seal bags are included with this vacuum sealer.

These vacuum seal bags are equipped with seven layers of stacked material and are double ribbed to withstand hours of submerged cooking. 

View at Amazon to learn more about how this product might work for your needs.

When you run out, you can conveniently buy Anova’s pre-cut bags and rolls of vacuum seal bags separately. 

View Anova Culinary Anova Rolls Vacuum sealer bags, One size, Clear at Amazon for more information on how these bags may work for you.

The ANVS01-US00 comes with a 100 day money back guarantee, and a five year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

Anova also offers a convenient app that has a curated list of sous vide recipes so you can get started utilizing your vacuum sealer for making delicious food as soon as possible. 

Foodsaver FSFSSL2244-000 V2244 Machine for Food Preservation with Bags and Rolls Starter Kit | Number 1 Vacuum Sealer System | Compact and Easy Clean | UL Safe, Single, Black

The FoodSaver FSFSSL2244-000 V2244 machine is a heavy duty vacuum sealer with a few more “bells and whistles” than the Anova vacuum sealer above. 

FoodSaver’s version of the vacuum sealer is a touch larger than Anova’s at 17.72 inches long, 10.64 inches wide, 5.91 inches tall, and weighing an even pound. 

This vacuum sealer comes in black and silver color options and is equipped with only 2 easy to use buttons on the upper portion of the lid: “seal” and “vac / seal”. 

FoodSaver’s vacuum sealer machine comes with an accessory port where you may conveniently attach the included accessory hose designed for vacuum sealing things like mason jars full of homemade jam, or a zipper bag with some leftover smoked fish.

The sealing strip on the main device is extra wide, helping to reduce bag waste and allowing for a reliably firm heat seal. 

The inside of the device is also equipped with a dishwasher safe drip tray that catches all of the may escape some juicier foods when being vacuum sealed. 

A lock to the right of the FoodSaver vacuum seal machine helps keep things safe by ensuring the lid does not fly up when you least expect it, or dangle open unpleasantly in storage. 

FoodSaver provides a single roll of vacuum seal bags, 3 one quart pre-cut vacuum seal bags, and 2 one gallon pre-cut vacuum seal bags as well as a one year limited warranty with the purchase of this product. 

View at Amazon to learn more about how this product could potentially work for you.

Sous Vide bags 15 Reusable food vacuum seal bags BPA Free Ziplock for Anova and Joule Cookers,1 Hand Pump, 3 Sealing Clips and 3 Sous Vide Clips, Apply for Sous vide cooking & Food Storage/Freezer by Chefmos

Though the above types of mechanical machines are the most common when you consider a vacuum sealer, they are not the only type of vacuum seal device 

This kit by Chefmos is outfitted with 15 reusable vacuum seal bags, 3 sealing clips, 3 sous vide clips, and a hand pump designed to effectively remove air from the BPA free zip up bags. 

You may also opt to choose a kit that comes with 12 bags or 30 bags reusable bags.

These  bags allow over 10 uses before they began to show wear, and can easily be pulled inside out and placed in the dishwasher for stress free clean up.  

Chefmos’ sous vide bags come in 11 by 10.1 inch, 13.3 by 10.1 inch, and 8.2 by 8.6 inch sizes. Five of each are included in the 15 count kit. 

These bags can be used as regular, reusable “ziploc” type bags for storing sandwiches or leftovers in the refrigerator as well. 

The front side of each of the bags includes a patch for labeling your foods, and a port for the hand pump to slide into for the purposes of removing the air from the bag. 

The Chefmos hand pump is only 9.8 inches long, making it an easy tool to innocuously slip into a kitchen gadget drawer. 

The accompanying sous vide clips help to hold your food filled bags to your sous vide vessel. 

Chefmos offers a one month money back guarantee with the purchase of this product. 

View at Amazon for more information on how this product could potentially work for you.

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