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There are tons of great vacuum sealers on the market, and the Nutrichef PKV18SL clearly ranks among the best of them.

This unit will be a terrific addition to any kitchen and can really take your food storage game to the next level.

With such a quality appliance, you will soon find yourself meal prepping like the professionals.

If you’re looking for Nutrichef PKVS18SL reviews, we hope that our discussion today tells you all you need to know about this awesome product.

Nutrichef PKVS18SL reviews: Options for you

The Nutrichef PKVS18SL is one of the most premier vacuum sealers available.

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Quality and style

With a sleek appliance like this Nutrichef unit, your kitchen will look incredibly modern and updated.

While Nutrichef offers a powerful unit, they certainly haven’t skimped on style and appearance. 

They recognize that you want to display an attractive unit, and that’s what they’ve produced.

For this unit’s low price, you will be hard pressed to find a better vacuum sealer. 

While you can certainly spend much more and get a more upscale product, the PKVS18SL is one of the best values you can buy.

Power and superb control

This unit does a terrific job vacuum sealing all types of foods and offers you superior performance. 

You can easily vacuum seal anything from strong meats to incredibly delicate food structures.

While it’s incredibly powerful, the PKVS18SL gives you an exceptional amount of control over the suction level.

You can choose to run it full blast to seal foods quickly and efficiently, or you can choose to take a softer approach to preserve the delicate integrity of soft food items.

Overall, this is a relatively fast unit, too.

With this amount of control over the suction, you can easily seal nearly any food without compromising the texture.

This is a very powerful feature that allows you to customize your food storage system to the max.

Easy to use

The Nutrichef PKVS18SL is very easy to use, making it a great option for anyone, even if you are new to vacuum sealing.

With such an easy operation, you will not have to waste time figuring out complex control and systems.

You can focus on the end goal – preserving your food.

With a strong vacuum seal, you can be confident that your food will be protected every time. 

This unit also offers you great heat sealing performance, which ensures that your food will be safe for months and years to come.

Operating this Nutrichef unit is virtually hassle free. 

You can easily plug this vacuum sealer into any standard kitchen outlet for your convenience.

It’s very easy to clean as well. With a stain-resistant design, you can keep the unit in pristine condition, even after many uses.

When you need to clean the PKVS18SL, simply wipe the surface with a damp cloth. 

Take care not to submerge the unit in water or soap and use caution around the delicate electronic components.

It’s recommended that you clean your vacuum sealer after every use to prevent the growth and spread of bacteria.

If you’re sealing meat, be sure to clean the unit directly after. 

Make sure that all bacteria is removed from the surface prior to storing other food.

Cleaning your vacuum sealer regularly helps protect you and your family from disease.

Dry and moist food storage

You may be wondering exactly what types of food you can preserve using the PKVS18SL. This is a very versatile unit that allows you to store many different types of foods.

While other vacuum sealers limit you to dry food storage, that’s not the case with this unit.

Now, you can store both dry and moist food.

This makes saving leftovers and meal prepping easier than ever since you are not limited to specific foods.

A downside of this unit is that it cannot store liquids like soups and broths. 

But, it can store sauce that’s mixed in with more substantial foods.

So, it gives you access to storing food that is a step between dry food and liquids.

This versatility can be invaluable if you want to store many different types of foods.

Why should you choose the Nutrichef PKVS18SL?

This unit is powerful, efficient, and exceptionally easy to use. 

Giving you a high level of control over your vacuum power, this unit allows you to store a variety of different foods using the same equipment.

It’s small, it’s sleek, and it’s effective.

If you’re looking for a good investment for your food saving system, this unit is a great choice.

Built to last, this unit will stay strong for years to come. 

Not only will it upgrade your food storage kitchen, it will also give your kitchen a boost.

With a sleek, sharp design, this unit boasts bright silver and jet black coloring. 

It will make your kitchen look modern and updated. 

This unit is easy to clean as well. 

It doesn’t hold fingerprints, and it’s designed so that you can quickly clean it after every use.

With powerful suction and a very accessible user interface, the Nutrichef PKVS18SL is a great option for novice and experienced food savers.

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