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Preparing for your wedding is certainly a beautiful time, but it can also be stressful!

So, perhaps you want to do some things ahead of time. Being prepared for your wedding day eases the stress in the days immediately before this important event.

Did you know that you can prepare your dessert table in advance? You can!

If you’re planning to serve cookies on your special day, you can freeze them in advance.

Today we’re going to share how to freeze cookies for a wedding so that you can be successful.

When to freeze the cookies?

When you want to freeze cookies, at what stage in the process do you actually freeze them?

While you may be tempted to go ahead and bake the cookies, refrain from doing this.

Instead, freeze the cookie dough. This will keep the cookies fresh. Simply pop them in the oven before your wedding, and your dessert table will look great! 

Remember to add a few minutes to the baking time if you’re baking frozen dough.

How to store cookie dough in the freezer?

How you store the dough matters a great deal. The best way to store the cookie dough depends on the type of dough that you’re using.

Chunky cookies

It’s best to store chunky cookies pre-portioned. Go ahead and scoop them out as if you were going to bake them immediately.

Then, place them on a flat pan covered in parchment paper, and stick them in the freezer.

Once frozen, simply place the individual balls in a container. Now, you can pull out as many as you want to bake at a time!

When your wedding comes, you’ll be grateful for your early preparations.

Slice and bake cookies

Slice and bake cookies need a slightly different approach. Instead of portioning these before they go into the freezer, instead, keep them in a log. 

Tightly wrap the log in wax paper and store it in a freezer bag. This will protect the dough from freezer burns.

If you’re making the cookies a long time before your wedding, the ends are likely to become freezer burned if you simply wrap the dough in wax paper.

Before you plan to bake the cookies, put the logs in the refrigerator to thaw for a few hours.

If you try to slice dough straight out of the freezer, it’s likely to crumble, and your cookies will not be very pretty.

Thawing the dough in the freezer gives it time to soften enough to reasonably slice.

Cut out cookies

While freezing cut out cookies may not save you as much time as freezing other types of cookies, you can certainly freeze them.

Freeze cut out cookies similarly to how you would freeze pie crusts.

Freeze the dough in disks, and thaw it until it’s soft before you continue with the cut out project.

What types of dough can you freeze?

While you can freeze many types of cookie dough, are there any cookies that you cannot freeze?


Cookies with a liquid batter base generally freeze poorly. If you picture an extremely delicate cookie, chances are that the dough will not freeze well.

Do not try to freeze cookies like florentines and tuiles!

However, dense, chunky cookie dough freezes very well. You can easily freeze drop cookies, shortbreads and sugar cookies.

Drop cookie dough freezes wonderfully! Chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter cookies, oatmeal cookies and more are great batters to freeze

Hold the extras

While it’s tempting to prepare the cookies as much as possible before your wedding, don’t get ahead of yourself.

It’s best to only freeze the cookie dough batter, not the fancy extras that you may put on the finished cookie.

Let’s take a look at gingerbread cookies. While you may want to sprinkle powdered sugar on the finished product, leave it out when you freeze the dough.

Sugar, sprinkles, and powdered sugar look awesome on the outside of cookies, but they do not freeze well.

Instead of creating an elegant coating, the extras will sink into the dough and get soggy during the freezing and thawing process.

This is not a look fit for a wedding!

So, do not roll out or dip your cookies before freezing them. Instead, freeze the plain dough, and add the extras once you bake them.

The same is true for any icing and embellishments that you want to add. Add these directly after baking, not before freezing. Icing generally does not freeze well.

Fresh is always better!

How to freeze cookies for a wedding

For best results, freeze cookie dough a few weeks before your wedding. 

Remember to customize the freezing process based on the type of cookies that you want to make.

Drop cookies freeze much better than delicate, fragile textures.

And, wait to add any icing, sugar coating, decorations, or embellishments until right before the big day.

Add a few minutes to the baking time, and you won’t be able to tell that they were frozen!

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