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The world is changing and largely moving towards more sustainable practices

Environmental awareness initiatives impact every aspect of our lives. 

From homes to businesses and entertainment centers, plastic is transitioning to a new role in society.

At home, people are phasing out single use plastic in favor of greener products

Whether you’re looking for an alternative to single use sandwich bags or a way to be more environmentally friendly at the store, we’re here to help.

Why do we need an alternative to single use plastic bags?

Single use plastic bags are quickly being replaced by greener alternatives. 

In most cases, single use plastic bags end up in our trash and landfills. Or, worse, they become debris along the sides of our roads and clutter rivers.

After you use a single use sandwich bag, chances are that you throw it in the trash. 

While you can take the time and effort to wash and reuse them, it’s often not worth the hassle.

Single use sandwich bags are difficult to clean, and they are not intended to be washed and reused multiple times. 

After a few washings, you may notice that the plastic is flimsier than it once was.

So, alternatives to single use plastic bags provide solutions to these environmental issues. 

In many cases, the alternatives to single use sandwich bags are even more exciting, too. 

Many of them come with cute decorations and patterns. 

Kids of all ages love the fun that they bring.

Plus, they’ll help you save money over time. You may even find that you prefer a life free of single use plastic bags.

Alternative to single use sandwich bags

What are some good alternatives to single use sandwich bags? 

Chances are that you have many of these items around the house already. 

If you do not, these alternatives are easy to find online and in most stores.


That’s right – good, old fashioned jars can replace some of your plastic bags. 

Since they’re made of durable glass, they will last for ages if treated gently. 

These are a good choice if you want a tight seal and plan to store your items on a flat, immobile surface. 

Since you’ll be dealing with glass, be sure to use caution. 

Jars are not the best replacement for all plastic bag situations.

Reusable plastic bags

However, if you really want to use a plastic bag, why not opt for a reusable one? 

If you want to make the switch to reusable but don’t want to change your lifestyle, reusable plastic bags are a great fit.

Reusable plastic bags are made of extremely durable plastic that will not significantly degrade over time. 

They’re meant to undergo indefinite use, and they’re very easy to wash. 

Some are even dishwasher safe! It really couldn’t be easier to make the switch to reusable bags.

Stretchable lids

A newer option on the market, stretchable lids use even less plastic than reusable plastic bags. 

Such lids help you cover dishes and protect fresh fruit without using a substantial amount of extra plastic. 

These are great for replacing cling wrap and single use plastic bags.

Instead of sliding fresh fruit or vegetables into a plastic bag, you can use nature’s natural covering and protect it with a stretchable lid. 

Or, you can place a reusable lid on a reusable container to make storage super easy.

These help save time, space, and the environment.

Reusable containers

Similarly, reusable containers are a great replacement for single use sandwich bags. 

They’re easy to use and last much longer than plastic bags. 

Plus, reusable containers can do nearly anything that a single use sandwich bag can do, and often more. 

In many cases, they actually better protect your food. 

Reusable containers prevent delicate items from being crushed, and they’re often freezer and microwave friendly. 

Meal prepping is a cinch with the help of reusable containers!

These are a great alternative for busy people in search of an eco-friendly lifestyle.


If the situation really does call for a single use bag, try to choose paper instead of plastic.

Paper degrades much faster than plastic, and it’s better for the environment. 

Single use paper bags are also cheaper than single use plastic bags, on average.

Reusable totes

While reusable totes may not seem like a direct replacement for single use sandwich bags, you will be surprised how helpful they are.

You can use them to carry many of the items that you would normally put into a single use sandwich bag.

For example, if you typically pack a bag of chips for work, you can simply pack the larger bag in your reusable tote for the day. 

Keeping items in their original containers is an easy way to avoid single use plastic bags, and totes help you accomplish this goal.

When you take reusable totes to the store, you can eliminate even more plastic for your life. 

You can even find reusable produce bags!

These versatile fabric bags are a must-have for anyone in search of a more sustainable lifestyle.

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