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Vacuum sealers can help you preserve food whether you are a big game hunter or a standard grocery shopper.

FoodSaver has been in the vacuum sealing industry for ages, and they cater to a wide variety of lifestyles.

Their recently debuted FoodSaver GameSaver is designed especially for hunters, fishers, and outdoorsmen. 

But, how does it differ from FoodSaver’s standard units

Let’s compare FoodSaver GameSaver vs regular to see how one or the other may be better for your lifestyle.

FoodSaver GameSaver

The FoodSaver GameSaver is the premium unit for all outdoorsmen.

You can view the FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer GM710-000 GameSaver Big Game Sealing System, reg, Black at Amazon for more information on how this product might work for you.

What’s the purpose of the GameSaver?

FoodSaver designed this unit specifically for use in rugged, outdoor experiences. 

Since you’ll probably take your GameSaver out into the field, it needs to be tough enough to withstand circumstances that your traditional countertop FoodSaver unit will never endure.

So, FoodSaver pulled out all the stops to make sure that you will have optimal performance when saving your latest kill or catch.

Unlike other vacuum sealers, the GameSaver can run up to 80 consecutive seals. 

This is very impressive, especially considering that other units struggle to seal 10 bags in a row.

This upgrade allows you to easily store up to 240 lbs of meat at once. 

Now, you can process your latest game moments after your score. 

And, it will stay fresh for up to five times longer than if you had settled for standard food storage methods. What a deal!

With the GameSaver, you can keep meat fresh for up to three years after storing. 

You won’t have to worry about throwing away meat due to spoiling before you can eat it when you use this excellent food preservation unit.

They also included several portability and accessibility features so that you can easily use your unit on the go.

Complete with an easy-carry handle and enclosed storage compartment for accessories, you can take the GameSaver anywhere.

And, with the 12V power cord and adaptor, you can power this unit from your boat, vehicle, or standard power outlet. 

With all of these options, you’ll have no shortage of power, even when you can’t see the lights of a city.

Also, large, rubber buttons are incredibly durable and give you a very accessible interface. 

In such situations, you don’t want to worry about complicated operations. 

With the GameSaver, you can get back to focusing on what matters most: your time outdoors.

Whether you want to process your latest deer or a monster catfish, you can save your meat directly on site.

With the latest technology and highest level of performance, the FoodSaver GameSaver is one of the best vacuum food storage systems available.

It’s more powerful and more durable than many other units on the market, and it’s certainly built for more serious use than standard FoodSaver units.

All FoodSaver vacuum storage products are very high quality, but the GameSaver is the best of the best.

If you are looking for an incredibly tough unit that can perform to the max in the toughest of conditions, this unit may be a very good choice for you.

Here’s a list of everything included when you purchase the FoodSaver GameSaver.

  • 1 –  11 in. x 10 ft. GameSaver® Vacuum-Seal Roll (27.9 cm x 3 m)
  • 3 –  Quart Pre-cut GameSaver® Vacuum-Seal Bags (.94 Liter)
  • 2 –  Gallon Pre-cut GameSaver® Vacuum-Seal Bags (3.8 Liters)
  • 1 – 12 Volt DC Adapter Cord
  • 1 – Accessory Hose

As you can see, FoodSaver makes sure that you have everything you need to vacuum seal game when you’re out in the wild.

FoodSaver Game Saver vs. regular: Which is right for you?

So, how is the GameSaver different from regular FoodSaver units?

The main differences stem from the different ways the units are intended to be used.

Most of the standard FoodSaver vacuum sealers are intended for home or restaurant kitchen use.

In these scenarios, it’s unlikely that you will want to store an entire wild boar or a whole deer at once.

Instead, these products are much more likely to be used for occasional small to medium sized food storage projects.

You may even use them to help with meal prepping or preserving leftovers from your family’s meal.

And, regular FoodSaver units are unlikely to be used outdoors in harsh conditions.

Contrastingly, GameSavers are used in extremely rough conditions as described above, and the load placed on them is much greater in comparison to the load on regular FoodSaver units.

Because regular FoodSaver units are not asked to perform in such conditions, they do not need all the capabilities of the GameSaver.

Instead, more emphasis is put on style, size, and usability for regular FoodSaver units.

The bottom line is that the GameSaver is built for very different circumstances than regular FoodSaver vacuum sealers.

The GameSaver is one of the strongest, most durable vacuum sealers available. 

Although it’s intended for outdoorsmen, you can certainly use it at your home or kitchen if you want maximum food storage capabilities.

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