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If you’re an avid hunter, you may want to preserve your meat yourself. 

A high quality food saver system is a great tool to help you preserve your latest kill.

With a good vacuum sealer, you can make the most of your game and store it for friends and family. 

The Game Saver can handle scores from large game to the filets of your catches of the day.

Food Saver Game Saver is one of the best pieces of equipment for storing large amounts of game in bulk.

If you’re looking for Food Saver Game Saver reviews, we hope that this discussion answers some of your questions about this product.

Let’s see what the Food Saver Game Saver has to offer hunters and stockpilers.

FoodSaver Game Saver reviews: Right for you?

The thrill of a successful hunt or catch is an incredibly exciting feeling. 

However, stress about keeping the meat fresh quickly follows. 

Once you track and dress your kill, you’ve got a limited amount of time to get it into the freezer before the meat spoils.

Luckily, the Food Saver Game Saver can really help with this! 

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Designed for outdoorsmen, hunters and fishers, the Game Saver is meant to be used outdoors in your natural environment.

It’s also great for those of you looking to store food in bulk at home.

With such a handy, convenient tool, you will be able to efficiently preserve your latest kill as soon as it’s harvested.

This efficient vacuum sealing system is one of the best on the market. 

Food Saver specifically designed it for use in the field, as opposed to use in the home or kitchen.

Preserving your meat in Food Saver storage systems has never been easier than with the Game Saver.

How does the Game Saver work?

By removing virtually all air from specifically engineered bags, the Game Saver protects your meat from freezer burn and contamination.

The Game Saver uses an applied heat seal to prevent leaking and air transfer.

This vacuum sealer is designed specifically to store large quantities of meat at once. 

With optimal performance levels, the Game Saver can work faster than the competition. 

The Game Saver’s intelligent sealing control can run up to 80 consecutive seals or 240 lbs of meat at once. 

With this updated technology, the sealing process is more efficient and safer than ever.

This allows you to preserve all of your kill at once, keeping it fresh and eliminating wait times between seals.

Rugged, outdoor performance 

The Food Saver Game Saver is built for the outdoors. 

With a rugged design that’s manufactured to withstand the elements, you can carry the Game Saver to all of your favorite hunting sites and lodges.

There’s no need to worry about a lack of power options with the Game Saver. 

Food Saver knows that you’ll need power versatility in the field, so they built in a 12V DC adapter for your convenient use.

Now, you can power the Game Saver from your vehicle, boat, or RV. 

Using the extra long 15 foot 12V power cord, you can easily set up your food preservation station near your truck or boat. 

You will not have to worry about stretching the cord!

When you’re working out in the field on a tight time-table, power versatility is imperative. 

The 12V adaptor also works with all of your traditional outlets, so you can use the Game Saver from your kitchen as well.

With the FoodSaver Game Saver, you can preserve your fish or game as soon as you harvest it, keeping it at the height of freshness. 

You can bring the wild taste of the outdoors directly to your freezer!

The Game Saver design allows you to easily operate it in the field. 

With a rugged carry handle, you can take this unit anywhere.

The extra large drip tray and built in storage compartment allow you to carry your tools with you and avoid a mess wherever you use the Game Saver.

Large, durable rubber buttons make the Game Saver a cinch to operate whether you’re on the road or working from the comfort of your garage.

Portability and versatility

The Food Saver Game Saver is lightweight and portable. It’s great for transportation to your camp or for a day on the lake.

With the 12V power adaptor, you can use it nearly anywhere.

Also, the Game Saver allows you to create custom-sized bags. 

Since no two pieces of meat are exactly the same size, it’s important that you can save meat in portions of your choosing.

The Game Saver makes it very easy for you to select the size of the bag you’d like to use based on your specific game.

For example, this allows you to store individual filets for lunch or an entire morning’s catch for a fish fry.

Included accessories

When you purchase the Game Saver, all of the equipment you need is included. 

Here’s a list of accessories included with the Food Saver Game Saver.

  • 2 heat seal rolls (11”x10’ and 8”x10’)
  • 5 1-qt pre-cut heat seal bags
  • 5 1-gallon pre-cut heat seal bags
  • 1 accessory hose

The Food Saver Game Saver is a great tool for outdoors men and anyone looking for a rugged, durable vacuum sealing system.

It’s very easy to use and helps you make the most of your fresh meat.

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