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Like many home appliances (and other products) that have caught on in popularity over the years and gradually seen improvements by various companies jumping on the bandwagon, there are a good number of vacuum sealers vying for your attention on the market. 

For such a seemingly simplistic device with a seemingly singular purpose, there are a lot of different brands and a lot of different designs to sift through when you are on the hunt for a quality vacuum sealer. 

Even if you think you know exactly what you want out of a vacuum sealer, you can quickly become distracted by the shiniest picture on your google search.

For the purposes of helping to narrow down the field and help alleviate the burden of choice, we have provided this article devoted to Casori vacuum sealer reviews, so that you can be one step closer to making the most informed decision about what brand of vacuum sealer will work best for you. 

Cosori company information

Cosori is a company that specializes in creating a variety of different kitchen tools and gadgets.

From air fryers and dehydrators to pour over coffee makers and electric kettles, Cosori offers a wide array of high tech devices for use in your kitchen. 

The Cosori company is a brand owned by Arovast Corporation which is a California based entity that specializes in distributing household appliance products and accessories (among an amalgamation of other things). 

Though the company is housed out of Orange County, California, and they develop their designs there, much of the corporation’s products (and the products of their brands) are manufactured in China. 

As a result, Cosori’s products are relatively reasonably priced as far as kitchen gadgets go, and are well equipped with effective and user- friendly interfaces. 

With regard to Cosori’s vacuum sealer machines specifically, these machines are not necessarily the focal point of the company’s line of products. 

A quick google search for Cosori vacuum sealers shows that there are really only two renditions of the product online, neither of which are directly available through the company’s website.

Compare this with the dozen or so iterations of Cosori’s air fryers on the market (and on their website), and it is clear that Cosori does not exactly focus on pushing out vacuum sealers. 

This could be for a number of reasons, but is perhaps most reasonably due to the simple mechanics of “supply and demand”.

You would be hard pressed to find someone eager to gift a vacuum sealer as a birthday or christmas gift, but the air fryer has certainly seen some time in the spotlight over the last few years.

Nevertheless, if a vacuum sealer is what you want, Cosori vacuum sealer reviews demonstrate a generally effective and reliable product regardless of the scant product design options available. 

As we alluded to at the opening of this article, sometimes fewer choices can be a welcome relief anyway. 

No matter which of Cosori’s products fits your particular whims, you can purchase them with confidence due to the company’s one year manufacturer’s warranty. 

You may also opt to extend this warranty by an additional year by registering your device on Cosori’s website. 

Cosori also offers a recipe blog on their website that has recipes and tips specific to each of the products available on their website. 

Cosori Vacuum Sealer Reviews: Right for you?

COSORI Vacuum Sealer with Built-in Roll Storage & Cutter, Automatic Food Saver Vacuum Sealer Machine, Starter Bags, Hose, Dry & Moist Food Modes, LED Indicator Lights, FDA Compliant

This vacuum sealer is the biggest of Cosori’s vacuum sealers at 16.50 inches long, 8.50 inches wide, 3.30 inches tall, and 6.39 pounds. 

The sleek black design has rounded corners that make the device resemble a chunky, futuristic clam, which – always depending on your kitchen’s theme – could be exactly what you need poised on your kitchen counter. 

If not, A 4.9 foot long power cord makes this device run and can easily be removed so that the vacuum sealer can effectively hide away in convenient storage spaces without the power cord inhibiting things. 

This Cosori vacuum sealer has a vacuum pressure of 11.6psi, and there are six controls on the device’s interface. These controls are “vac & Seal / Cancel”, “Pressure: Normal / Gentle”, “Food: Dry / Moist”, “Canister”, “Marinate”, and “Manual Seal”. 

These simplistic operations give the Cosori CP530-VS premium vacuum sealer positive points for user friendliness without sacrificing useful functionality. 

A 300mm by 3mm heat sealing strip adorns the front of the machine providing a small, but effective seal.

It takes around 5 to 10 seconds for this vacuum sealer to provide a durable seal. 

You may utilize this vacuum sealing machine up to 50 consecutive times before the device overheats. 

The CP530-VS has a convenient 8 inch long internal storage space for a roll of vacuum seal bags as well as a built in cutter that allows you to easily size up your bags to the exact length the item you are vacuum sealing requires. 

A single roll of vacuum sealer bags are included with the purchase of the CP530-VS in addition to 5 waterproof, individual vacuum seal bags, and a vacuum seal hose with an accompanying adapter. 

View at Amazon to learn more about how this product might work for you.

COSORI Vacuum Sealer Food Saver Machine, Automatic Vacuum Sealing System with Air Suction Hose & Built-in Bag Cutter for Food Preservation, Dry & Moist Food Modes, 2 Year Warranty,Led Indicator Lights

The Cosori CP428-VS 2-in-1 vacuum sealing system is the smallest Cosori vacuum sealer at an even 16 inches long, 7.90 inches wide, 3.40 inches tall, and weighing 5.39 pounds. 

This vacuum sealing machine has a sloped design that resembles a shiny, chrome water droplet turned on its side.

The power cord is not removable from this device. 

This Cosori vacuum sealer has a vacuum pressure of 9.86psi, so it is considerably less powerful than its counterpart.

Nevertheless, the interface at the top of this machine is the same as the Cosori CP530-VS premium vacuum sealer: 6 comprehensive buttons with LED indicators. 

There is a space within this vacuum sealer for storing vacuum seal bag rolls as well. However, this device’s storage roll space is 7.8 inches wide. 

Like the CP530-VS, a built in bag cutter is attached to the front of the CP428-VS to provide custom sizing of vacuum seal bags.

The CP428-VS also has a bag corner cutter which can be used to open vacuum sealed bags when you are ready to dig into those leftovers. 

A vacuum sealer hose attachment is included with this machine as well.

The hose attachment is 21 inches long and can be used to seal things like mason jars or wine stoppers.

This hose attachment does not come with an adapter like the C[530-VS’s hose attachment.  

A vacuum roll and 5 vacuum seal bags are also included with this Cosori vacuum sealer. 

When sealing bags with this edition of the Cosori vacuum sealer, you must wait at least 15 seconds between each bag to prevent overheating.

The device will turn off automatically if it becomes overheated and may be turned back on after it has completely cooled down. 

You should not seal high moisture content foods (like soup or jelly) with this vacuum sealer (or, honestly, with most vacuum sealers unless you are using a specially made vessel). 

Both versions of Cosori’s vacuum sealing machine include a comprehensive user’s manual to help assist first time vacuum sealers. 

View at Amazon for more information on how this product might work for you.

COSORI C150-VSP, 100 Pcs Pre-Cut Storage Bags, 8″x12″ Fit All Vacuum Sealer Machine Food Saver, Sous Vide, FDA Compliant, BPA-Free, Microwave Safe

Cosori also sells vacuum sealer bags separately. These pre-cut bags are compatible with both of Cosori’s vacuum sealers as well as other brands of vacuum sealers on the market. 

The materials used to produce these vacuum seal bags abide by the Food and Drug Administration’s guidelines for proper vacuum seal storage bags, and are designed without BPA (a controversial chemical thought to cause unpleasant health effects in fetuses and young children). 

Cosori’s pre-cut quart sized bags are sous vide safe, which means that they withstand being submerged in at least 140 degree fahrenheit water.

These bags are microwave safe as well, so you can easily reheat stored food without worrying about dirtying up a frying pan. 

This set of Cosori vacuum seal bags comes with 100, 8 inch by 12 inch bags — the perfect size for portioning out leftovers or preserving cuts of smoked salmon or other types and cuts of meat. 

Each of these bags are designed with 7 laminated layers that help to preserve the strength of the bag and help to eliminate pointy foods (like cuts of meat with protruding bone) or other sharp objects outside of the bags from breaking the airtight seal. 

Embossed grids on each of the 7 layers provide channels that work to block oxygen and moisture, providing maximum air removal for the purposes of extending the shelf life of your food and helping to ward off freezer burn. 

View at Amazon to learn more about how this product could potentially work for you.

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